Representative offer

Representative offer


We are looking for independent Companies or sales Representatives, specially in eastern countries.


TITAN® TOOL has specialized in stud driving since 1920. Because of this experience, we have the knowledge to meet virtually any stud driving need – from wind turbine, automotive/truck, heavy equipment, aircraft and furniture applications – to custom jobs where no prototype exists.


Quality is another benefit we’ve guaranteed for more than 85 years. Any time you need stud drivers for hand-held, automated, or multiple spindle applications, go with experience.


You should have experience in fastening as well as automation in order to identify the customers needs.


Your skills in sales and customer care are welcome.


If you are interested, please contact us at any time:

+49 (0) 611 30 08 19




Urban Schraubsysteme  Wiesbaden

Telefon: ++49  (0) 611 30 08 19